Tapestry Fabric



Tapestry Fabric

Tapestry fabric is a special kind of woven material with intricate designs. It’s made by weaving different colored threads together to create pictures or patterns. People often use it as wall hangings or for upholstery to add a decorative touch to their homes. Traditional tapestries tell stories or show historical events, but modern ones can be more creative. They come in various materials like wool, cotton, or silk. Taking care of tapestries involves avoiding direct sunlight and using gentle cleaning methods. Overall, tapestry fabric adds both beauty and history to interior spaces.

Usage: Wall Hangings, Upholstery, Throws and Blankets, Tablecloths and Runners, Room Dividers, Historical or Cultural Display, Acoustic Enhancement, Gifts and Souvenirs, Artistic Expression, Textile Fashion.

Available Designed: BEL1, BEL2, BEL3, BEL4, BEL5, IT1 and IT2.

Composition: Polycotton – 70 % Cotton, 30% Polyester.
Fabric Width: 137 cm ( 54”).

Washing Instructure: 30 Degree Wash, No Spin Dry.

Please be aware that the photos displayed on our website may not accurately reflect the original materials and variations are inevitable. If you have any uncertainty regarding a particular color or shade, feel free to contact us through live chat, phone, or email and we will assist you to the best of our ability based on your preference.

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BEL1, BEL2, BEL3, BEL4, BEL5, IT1, IT2

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